4 Signs That You’re a Bad Boss

Have you ever had a bad boss? Have you ever been a boss? When you’re not in a managerial role, it may be easy to find fault with your boss. You can see the ways he/she could better motivate or encourage your work. But when you’re the boss, how can you tell if you’re a good one? Can you pick up signals from employees to indicate if you’re a bad boss?

The answer is yes. Here are 4 signs that indicate you’re a bad boss.

1. Lack of Feedback

Some individuals may view lack of feedback as a good thing, indicating your employees have nothing more to contribute and are satisfied with their work. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Creating a feedback friendly environment will encourage employees to share new ideas and allow everyone to see new perspectives. Feedback can come in a group setting, or through anonymous means. The more honest feedback you receive, the better boss you can become.

2. Threaten or Encourage

Managers can choose to use positive or negative reinforcement with their employees. With positive reinforcement, a positive reward is their motivation to do well. With negative reinforcement, employees work hard to avoid receiving some type of negative consequence. Although both may work, one works much better for productivity, self esteem, and overall morale. A good boss encourages employees by providing positive incentives for a job well done.

3. Yes, Yes, Yes

Do your employees always agree with you? When you pose a question, or ask for feedback, do your employees always pick your side? If you find yourself surrounded by only those that agree with you, you’re not a good boss. A business team is designed to provide different points of view and opinions. A well rounded team will be a more successful one. A good boss makes sure his/her employees feel it’s safe to disagree with the boss.

4. Defensive Nature

When you receive criticism, do you react defensively or with an open mind? If your usual reaction is defensive in nature, you’re probably a bad boss. Instead of viewing criticism as a bad thing, view it as a way to become better. Listen to the critique with an objective mind, and see if there’s anything constructive you can take from it.