5 Reasons to Investigate the Cloud

I find it fascinating how some familiar words can suddenly take on a whole new meaning in the blink of an eye. The word cloud is a good example of this. Before a few years ago, the world cloud only meant white fluffy things you see floating in the sky. Now, when I hear the word cloud, I can’t help but think about the digital cloud that stores countless bits of information for millions of people around the world on a daily basis. From a business standpoint, utilizing the cloud can be extremely beneficial for these five simple reasons.

1. Low Cost to Upgrade
Upgrading your communications system can be costly, and often times, inefficient. It’s not uncommon for a business to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a huge upgrade, only to find that it didn’t meet their needs, or was difficult to work with. In contrast, features in the cloud can be added one at a time as needed. There is no cost to install new software because it’s all taken care of within the cloud.

2. Backup Plan
What do you do when disaster strikes? If your building experiences a flood or fire, will your company information be secure and retrievable? Having all your information stored in one data center leaves it susceptible to natural or man made disasters. However, if you implement a cloud hosting service, all your data and email communications will be safely stored in the cloud, and accessible at any time.

3. Control Infrastructure
At first glance, it may appear as if placing your information in the cloud will result in a loss of control over that information. Most cloud based systems come with web-based administration tools that provide the ability to control your infrastructure as needed.

4. Business Fluctuations
Most businesses have to deal with market and seasonal fluctuations. It almost feels like a guessing game trying to keep up with constantly changing demands. The flexibility within a cloud system allows you to better deal with these ups and downs. You can scale things up during peak seasons, and scale them down during the slow season. This type of flexibility can be invaluable to any size of business.

5. Remote Access
If you want the ability to remotely access all your company information, including contacts, documents, and payroll information, the cloud is definitely the way to go. From any WiFi compatible device, you can log onto your particular business server and find everything almost instantaneously. The amount of freedom this provides, especially for remote workers, or those who travel for business, is invaluable.