Basics of Using your Smartphone for Business

Finding success in the business world can be difficult depending on which industry you’re in, current market trends, and the company you work for. Most employees do everything they can to make more money in order to enjoy life with family and friends. Taking advantage of all the tools at your disposal is a great place to start. You might already use your smartphone for business, but are you utilizing all aspects available to you? Here are a few surprising ways to use your smartphone for business.

Quick Notes

Look for a location on your phone where you can take notes and easily access them when needed. This could be through an app you install, or a basic phone feature. Create a shortcut to your notes on one of your landing screens. Here you can keep a list of notes to review before a meeting, or things you need to remember to do before the end of the work day. It’s like a modern day version of post-it notes you can take on the go.

Computer Sync

If you rely on a computer and a smartphone for work, it’s important to make sure they are properly syned. Many programs do this automatically, like online calendars and contact lists. Assess which programs you need daily access to and verify they are getting properly synced.

Forward Email

By having your business emails forwarded directly to your phone, you can respond to important matters instantly. Not only does this help you stay on top of your work, it decreases the clutter in your inbox.

Home Screen

Don’t clog up your home screen with unnecessary apps. Select the ones you need to access the most and place them here. Keep social media and non-work apps off your home screen to encourage productivity and limit distraction.

Good Apps

With thousands of apps to choose from, it’s hard to choose the best ones. Take your time and do proper research to figure out the best types of apps for your business needs. One type we recommend is an app that stores business cards. This will keep track of names, phone numbers, emails, and any other pertinent information you need for all the people you work with.

Record Yourself

Check to see if your phone has a voice recorder. If it does, use this to record yourself when you want to practice a phone call or business proposal. As you listen, pay attention to your wording, phrasing, and any area that could use improvement. If your phone doesn’t have this option, download a voice recording app.