Become a Superspy with the Help of VoIP

There used to be a time when you could pick up the phone when someone else was already using it, and listen into their conversation. Sometimes you could do this without them even noticing. Now that cellphones are so prevalent, is it possible to still be stealthy when it comes to the phone calls of other individuals? Here are three VOIP features that can help you be the superspy you’ve always wanted to be.

Monitoring / Spy Mode
The least involved feature is called monitoring or spy mode. It allows you to listen into an ongoing phone call with your end fully muted. An administrator could listen without any fear of being noticed due to breathing or background noise.

The whisper feature allows you to listen into an ongoing phone call with only one party being able to hear you. An administrator could listen into a call and provide help when needed to his/her employee, as if whispering in his/her ears.

The barge feature allows you to fully enter an ongoing phone call. Both calling parties will know you’re there, allowing you to provide help whenever needed.

All of these tools can be very helpful when training new employees, or to ensure quality customer service. Many VOIP services also allow you make calls from mobile phones as long as it comes from your VOIP phone number. In this case, you can use these features from wherever you are located.