Give your Email Signature more Personality

An email signature seems like an insignificant thing, but when used in the right way, it can do much more for your business than you think. Many of the most successful brands go to great lengths to bring out the specific type of personality they want their brand to represent. Customers who feel a personal bond to a brand are more likely to express brand loyalty, which is what separates the companies that last, and those that fall by the wayside. It’s easy to share your company’s brand by creating a personal and vibrant email signature. Not only is it absolutely free, it’s simple to do.

Who’s your Target?
Designing the right type of email signature is dependent upon who will be receiving the emails. Are your customers in their 20’s and 30’s or close to retirement age? Do they prefer vigorous outdoor adventures, or staying inside with a good book? Would your customers respond better to a casual or professional approach? Answering these questions will paint a picture of your target audience, allowing you to decide the type of wording, specific fonts to use, or whether to include pictures or images.

Specific Brand Values
Although your signature is fairly short, it’s important to provide links that send customers to your website where they can learn about your brand’s mission statement and overall vision. This is where they can get the true sense of your company’s personality. You can use certain colors, fonts, or images within the signature itself to express aspects of your brand’s uniqueness.

Why are you Different?
The only way to separate yourself from your competition is to make it clear why you are different and unique. What special attributes, service, or products do you provide that no one else can? Find your individual niche and showcase that however you see fit.

Social Engagement
Don’t underestimate the power of social media with your customer base. Make your social media presence known and keep it active and engaging. Reaching out and responding to customers through these social channels will allow you to keep a pulse on what they’re thinking, topics that interest them, and popular trends.