Improve your Hospitality Business with VOIP

Every type of company has specific needs for a communications system. If you’re in the business of hospitality, effective communication between vendors, staff, and guests is crucial to maintain efficiency and fluidity. Let’s take a look at VOIP systems to evaluate the ways in which they can benefit your hospitality business.

With respect to basic calling features, most of these would be used within the business office or main desk area. These include call hold, call forwarding, conference calls, and advanced voicemail features. Different types of call flow and call routing are also available. Most businesses operate under the same hours every single day. To help with this, call flow allows you to have any incoming calls outside of business hours to get sent directly to voicemail./p>

Incoming Call Routing provides a phone number and then manages the routing of all incoming calls to this phone number based on your personal on-call preferences. As an example, incoming calls could be routed to the front desk, reservations, the hotel manager, or room service. If your business relies on international clients, global international numbers are available. This provides customers anywhere in the world a local number they can use to reach your business at standard US local rates.

A handful of customizations are also available. These include customized greeting, on hold music, and greetings based on business hours and holidays. Now you can have professional high-quality music for callers to listen to while waiting on hold or in a queue. Your online administration portal allows you to update or alter these customizations whenever you need.

The ability to have free in-network and unlimited calls could save your business money. Most VOIP phone provider have plans with unlimited calls to anywhere within the U.S. and Canada at no extra cost, regardless of the phone number you select. Any calls placed between office locations, or within buildings are free. Unlimited extensions are also available with many carriers, allowing you to provide phones and extensions in every hotel room.

To prevent customers from making unwanted international calls, some VOIP providers have an international call block feature. With international call block you can ensure that any incoming international calls are not charged to your account. If your hotel guests need up-to-date highway traffic and weather information, they can dial 511 for all the information they need to have a safe and enjoyable trip on the road.

Lastly, you can add your company name and telephone number to a Directory Assistance Listing provider. This information is monitored by a nationwide database listing provider, allowing more accessibility to your company information.