Making your own Video Conference Space

Anyone whose participated in a video conference knows that certain spaces work better than others. If you’re in a noisy place, it could be difficult to hear what the other person is saying. Trying to hold a video conference with shotty bandwidth could cause the audio or screen to freeze at intervals throughout the meeting. Having a dedicated space for video conferencing, that’s equipped with the space, seating, and technology you need can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful conference.

The following suggestions will help you create a well designed video conference space.

When selecting a space, find one that has enough room to fit as many individuals as you predict will need to be present during future meetings. Fill the space with seating that allows everyone in the room to be visible on the screen. If possible, find a place that has closed doors and windows to limit unwanted outside noise. Do what you can to decorate the room to reflect your particular business style.

You may assume that visual set up is the most important part of a video conference, but you’re wrong. Good quality video doesn’t do you any good if you can’t hear what the person is saying. We recommend getting one microphone for every four participants in the room, placing the microphone in the center. For larger groups, multiple microphones can be used.

Depending on your light source, individuals may look washed out, or have blacked out faces. Experiment with different lighting combinations to find the one that works best for your particular space.

The location and angle of your camera will determine how the video conference participants appear on screen. The fewer the participants, the closer the camera can be placed. If the number of individuals grow, move the camera farther back to keep everyone in view.

This has to do with the display you see of the individuals on the other end of your video conference. If you have a small screen, it could be hard to see their faces. Whenever possible, have a large screen with HD quality to provide a feeling of them actually being in the room with you.

Before any video conference begins, take the time to set everything up that you might need. Check the equipment to make sure it’s working properly, bring in any necessary paperwork, pens, or files, and arrange the chairs, speakers, and cameras as needed.