SD-WAN and your Business

Most enterprise organizations have an advanced network that allows them to connect multiple branches and offices located in different parts of the country, and around the world. Having a reliable network is critical to maintain business continuity. This is where SD-WAN can be extremely useful. It stands for software-defined wide-area network, which is a specific type of technology that allows you to connect various enterprise networks over large distances. Before deciding if SD-WAN is a good choice for your business, here are four things you should know.

Adding Branches
If you have multiple branches, and plan on adding new locations in the future, SD-WAN makes coordination between branches virtually seamless. In minutes you can mobilize new offices without the need of on-site hardware for each office, or expensive IT staff.

Network Simplification
With your network connected to the cloud, IT staff can monitor all of your business locations from a centralized location. This is possible because of the admin portals they can access from anywhere around the world. They also provide automatic updates and upgrades included with your service plan.

Reliable Performance
If your network is old, there’s a high chance your IT team spends a good amount of time troubleshooting and fixing problems. When you implement a SD-WAN, it automatically routes your network for optimized speed and connectivity, allowing your system to run fast and smooth.

Increased Security
The security of a SD-WAN system is less complicated to monitor and allows your IT department to have more visibility within the system to detect a possible security breach. Having less hardware to maintain makes it even that much easier to keep your information safe and secure.