The Importance of Multiple Data Centers

When investigating different VoIP service providers, you may see companies advertising having multiple data center locations. If you’re not familiar with what a data center is, and how it could affect your service, this may seem like useless information, but it’s not. Here’s a little bit of information regarding what data centers are, and why they’re important when choosing a VoIP provider.

Before we can talk about data centers, we need to talk about the Cloud.

Benefits of the Cloud
If you choose a hosted VoIP provider, they use the cloud to deliver phone services to your business. The Cloud allows them to provide certain features like call transfer, voicemail, and call waiting to many companies at once because of their underlying infrastructure. It serves as a connecting piece, providing services and data for business because of its access to the internet.

Data Centers
This is where hosted VoIP providers store information for their customers, and where phone calls get relayed back and forth. The number of available data centers, and their individual locations, all have an affect on the speed and quality of phone services. An increase in the number of data centers will increase the quality of service.

Data centers not only increase phone quality, they also provide backup in case on system gets in trouble. If there is network overload, or one center goes down, the other centers can pick up the slack. Data centers located close together are vulnerable to things like natural disasters, making the system less reliable. Companies that have data centers spread throughout different continents are better able to serve the needs of global clients.

Data Recovery
It would be unwise to assume your company will never be hit by some type of natural disaster. Whether it’s fire, flood, hurricane, cyber attack, or any other type of natural or man made disaster, most businesses will have to face a time when their data needs to be recovered from a backup source. If your VoIP provider has multiple data centers, any information that may have been lost at one center can be recovered from another location.