Top 2018 VOIP Technologies

Technology is constantly evolving, taking us places we never thought possible. The world of VOIP is an area that relies on new and improved technology to provide better service and enhance communications capabilities. What types of new technologies can you expect to see for VOIP in 2018? Lets go over a handful of the ones we think you’ll love the most.

Say Goodbye to PSTN
For those of you who aren’t familiar with PSTN, it stands for public switched telephone network. This is the system responsible for traditional landline phone service. From what we’ve seen, it appears the end of PSTN is inevitable, whether in one, five, or ten years. Many telephone operators are now using fiber-optic cables to gain internet access instead of copper lines. It’s only a matter of time before VOIP completely replaces PSTN.

Is 5G in the Future?
Not long ago, 4G was the fastest type of network access you could get with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. With 5G becoming available in some areas, by certain carriers, many providers are doing what they can to make sure their services are 5G compatible. It’s predicted that 5G will be nearly 20 times as fast as 4G networks. This will provide businesses with better video and audio quality, allowing for improved conference calls, and the ability to transmit more data at faster speeds.

Business Mobility
No longer are business communications a competition between VOIP and PSTN systems. Over the past year or two, cellular networks are now emerging as a serious contender. You may be surprised the number of companies that now rely solely on mobile services. Quite often, this is the case with online only businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs that can keep business running with nothing more than a laptop and smartphone.

If VOIP wants to do well with this category of businesses, they need to have phone systems that support mobile phones and other mobile devices. Large and small organizations demand a system that integrates mobile phones and computers, allowing employees to work in the office, or on the go. VOIP companies that work well with mobile devices will find the most success in 2018.