Top 4 VOIP Service Features

When you think of VOIP features, you probably think about voicemail, call forwarding, auto attendant, or other things that can help your home or business run smoother. Do you ever think about features that can provide help for vacation, travel, or health services? Here are 4 lesser known service features that you may want to try.

211 Community Service
Free and confidential service that helps people all across North America find the local resources they need. This includes information about health care, food, employment, housing, counseling, and more. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

311 City Service
311 is designed to divert routine inquiries and non-urgent community concerns from the 911 number. This keeps phone lines open for actual emergencies. This feature might good to use if you have an extra loud neighbor during the night, or see something suspicious you want to pass onto the police.

411 Directory Assistance
You can add your company name and telephone number to a Directory Assistance Listing provider. This information is monitored by a nationwide database listing provider, allowing more accessibility to your company information.

511 Traveler Information
If you need up-to-date highway traffic and weather information, 511 is the number to call. It will provide all the information you need to have a safe and enjoyable trip on the road. This can also let you know of any road closures along your route.