Voicemail Bells and Whistles

When voicemail first came about, it was quite simple. People would call your number and leave a voicemail for you to listen to later. You would pick up your phone, hear the notification of an awaiting voicemail, then click through to listen. These days voicemail is much more complicated and allows you to do so much more. Here are just some of bells and whistles you might get with current voicemail service.

Visual Voicemail
Combines Voicemail to Email, allowing you to receive voice mails and faxes as email attachments, and Voicemail Transcription, which transcribes your voicemails as emails in your inbox. Faxes can be included as PDF attachments.

Send to Voicemail
Some incoming calls come at inconvenient times, or when you are already busy doing something else. The next time this happens, you can transfer a call to voicemail by pressing the “Send to Voicemail” button at any time.

Private Voicemail
A password-protected voicemail account with your own private extension. You may also get to customize your privacy settings, set up personal greetings, and control your voicemail notification or forwarding.

Voicemail-to-Email Forwarding
Your voicemail messages are conveniently forwarded to your email as an audio file. This allows you to listen to messages anywhere you can check email.

Voicemail Monitoring
Voicemail Monitoring allows you to decide whether or not you want to send an incoming call to voicemail. If you don’t recognize the caller-ID, you can listen as they leave a message, or pick up the phone at any time to speak with the caller.

Voicemail Alerts
When you're on the go, you don't to miss important incoming messages. With Voicemail Alerts, you can keep up to date with new message notifications that get sent to any email address or SMS-capable mobile phone.

Voicemail Transcription
If you don't want to listen to your voice mails, you can have them transcribed. Read your voicemails with a human-assisted or automated transcription service.

Remote Voicemail Access
Remote voicemail access allows you to check your messages from any phone, at any time, completely free of charge.