VOIP vs Landline Service for Business

Since the time when landline phones were first invented, small and large businesses have been using them to makes money and sell goods. Over time helpful features like voicemail and call waiting have helped businesses even more. Now that VoIP service is around, are landlines still effective? Let’s compare the two to figure out which service is best for your business.

Every VoIP phones system relies on the internet, which is great when it’s working properly, but very inconvenient when it’s not. If your business experiences a power failure or your internet has problems, your company will go without phone service. Most VoIP phone services will send any incoming calls during the power or internet outage to a message center to be accessed later. Traditional landline phones remain usable during power outages.

Voice Quality
The quality of calls for traditional landline phones is always consistent and reliable, but the quality of calls for VoIP phone service depends on the quality of internet connection. If your business resides in a highly populated area with larger bandwidth, your calls should be similar in quality to traditional landline phones. However, your business is in a less populated area with smaller bandwidth, your quality will go down.

When you sign up for a traditional landline phone system, you are limited to the number of phone lines and and features that come with that plan. With a VoIP phone system, you can add as many telephone numbers and phone lines and you want, according to the limits of your available bandwidth. If you need a bigger system, just upgrade as needed.

This is definitely the main of advantage for VoIP phone service. It costs less to get set up initially with VoIP, and less for monthly service. Traditional landline phone service requires to use of more equipment, which costs money and takes up space. Because VoIP uses the internet for their features, very little equipment is needed, costing you less.

Traditional landline phone systems work well with emergency services because they can track you down with caller ID. VoIP phone systems are a little less reliable because a VoIP phone has no permanent location. It can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Instead, when calling regarding an emergency, you have to tell the VoIP service provider where you are using the service. And, the internet or power is down, you can’t make outgoing emergency calls.