Add More Fun to Video and Conference Calling

Add More Fun to Video and Conference Calling

Video conferencing with business associates and clients is becoming more popular as companies are spread all over the globe, and many individuals work remotely. Being able to connect face to face through a laptop, desktop, or mobile device is very useful, and helps maintain consistent communication flowing in all directions. There are, however, many instances where conference or video calling becomes dull and boring for all those involved. If you want to add some fun to your video chats, try some of these suggestions.

Switch up the Background

For those of you who work in an office, chances are, the background view from behind your desk is not very interesting to look at. Why not try moving to a different room, or even outside using your laptop or mobile device? Some programs also give you the ability to make a virtual background, allowing you to appear to be at various locations around in the world.

Presentations with Flair

If you need to present something to the group, why not make it more fun to watch? Instead of using a spreadsheet, or pie chart, design a skit for your presentation. Feel free to use costumes, music, and even dancing. You can still create a professional looking document that explains the details of your idea for individuals to review later, but there’s no reason your presentation can’t include a little flair.  

Don’t Underestimate Games

You may think games are just for children, but you’re wrong. Adults love games just as much as kids, even if they’re not willing to admit it. If you’re in charge of meetings, instigate some type of game that occurs at the beginning of each meeting. This could involve asking company trivia, random trivia, or a simple game of chance. Make sure the game is designed to make everyone feel included, and give rewards to the winners. This will set a tone of comradery and fun that will make the rest of the call more enjoyable.

Utilize 3D Models

If you work for a company that makes 3D models, look for programs that allow you to display these as part of your video conference. One such technology is Intel RealSense. This program, and others like it, allow you to  interact with these 3D models on screen so everyone can see. The more you can share through your screen, the better.

Post Pictures

One final way to make online meetings more fun is by encouraging employees to share part of their personal lives with the group. You can have them post pictures of their children, pet, or recent vacation. Perhaps take turns to allow different individuals to share each meeting. By sharing these items, employees will feel more bonded to co-workers, and will hopefully use these friendships to increase office productivity.

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