Before you Sign Up for VoIP

Before you Sign Up for VoIP

If you own a business, you’ve no doubt heard about VoIP phone systems and all they provide. They can significantly increase your ability to communicate with clients and co-workers, keep unlimited amounts of your data stored, and allow you to customize your phone system in various ways. However, before you sign up for VoIP service, here are some things to consider.

Designate Needs

Each VoIP carrier providers a different array of services and features to meet the different needs of their business clients. You need to designate your specific needs in order to find the right provider. This may seem a bit obvious, but you may be surprised by the differences between providers once you do some research. You may even find features listed that you didn’t even know existed, but would be extremely beneficial for your business. Once you have a complete list of your needs and wants, you’ll be able to narrow down your options.

PBX Type

VoIP providers use something called a PBX (private branch exchange) to connect and manage multiple lines that have multiple extensions. This is the system that routes incoming calls to various departments when a caller selects a specific number. When an outbound call is placed, the PBX pairs the desired call with an open phone line, preventing a busy signal.

A PBX system comes in two types. One is on-site and it’s located within the office. The other is a hosted PBX and it’s located off-site by the VoIP provider. It’s important to know which services provide a hosted or on-site PBX system because it can be quite expensive to set one up. If you don’t have an existing on-site PBX system, using a hosted PBX might be preferable.

Internet Connection

Because VoIP service requires a secure internet connection, it would be wise to know your current internet specifications to make sure they are adequate for VoIP use. A high-speed broadband or fiber connection is necessary for VoIP to work properly. If you don’t currently have this, or your internet is on the lower end of the spectrum, you may end up with a slowed connection and poor voice quality. Upgrading your internet connection in order to get VoIP service will add to the overall cost of your phone system. Make sure this is calculated into your final decision.

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