Can you Really Get 5G with VoIP?

Can you Really Get 5G with VoIP?

In general, smartphones have evolved faster than other technologies like computers or televisions. If you’ve owned a smartphone for at least 5 years, you probably remember using 3G data, hoping to get 4G as soon as possible. Now that we’re used to using our phones for watching movies, playing video games, and making online purchases, the idea of 5G sounds amazing. But is it possible to get 5G with VoIP?

Mobile VoIP and the Internet

All VoIP calls require an internet connection and a VoIP provider. At first glance, this seems easy enough. But finding an internet connection that’s fast enough to use VoIP on a mobile device is a different story. While 4G is sufficient for residential customers to use VoIP within their homes, it’s not enough for large scale organizations to provide reliable service for their employees. This is where 5G become crucial for mobile businesses.

Basics of 5G Technology

It’s safe to assume that 5G will be faster than 4G, but exactly how much faster is up for debate. Some experts predict it will be up to 20 faster than 4G, but it’s more than simply faster internet. It allows network providers to adjust how much bandwidth is allotted in a particular direction. With current 4G technology, network providers determine how much bandwidth is assigned in each direction, and this cannot be changed. With 5G technology, this can be altered as needed, like during peak times of business. If there’s more traffic in one direction, providers can move bandwidth over from the direction that’s not being used to speed things up overall.

Business Side of 5G

So, what does 5G mean for your business? Being held back by limited bandwidth or internet speeds will no longer be a problem. Higher speeds should produce higher audio quality for phone calls and video conferencing. It may even be able to increase the number of participants involved in video conferences. You should also experience less lag using applications that require large amounts of data.

5G and VoIP Calls

Once 5G is readily available, there are some changes that still need to be made before it can be used in mobile devices. Hardware inside mobile devices can be designed to support 5G. This is what many cell phone companies are currently working on. As 5G progresses, and mobile devices make way for its arrival, someday in the not to distant future we’ll be able to combine VoIP service with a 5G network.

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