Cyber Security: How Important Is It?

Cyber Security: How Important Is It?

It’s nearly impossible to find a business today the doesn’t use the internet and a computer. Because of this, cyber security is something that must be taken into account. If you place your private company data somewhere online or in the cloud, is it safe? We’ll go over a few things to help you understand more about cyber security, and how this applies to your business.

Types of Threats

If you own a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you face digital threats. Anything that accesses the internet is at risk. Therefore, a sound infrastructure is needed to respond when these threats arise. The White House has created a scale of cyber security threat levels that’s color coded based on severity. There are six levels, ranging from inconsequential threat to a wide scale imminent threat. It might be beneficial to take a look at this scale to give you an indication as to the threats within your business that would fall into each level.

Email Breach

When your email accounts get hacked, all the information contained in those emails is no longer secure, and can be used against you. If revealed, this could put your business in legal trouble, have a negative effect on your company’s reputation, and cause many of your clients to switch to a competitor. In order to avoid this situation, provide your security team the proper financial resources they need to keep your email system secure

Hire an Expert

It’s hard to determine the security of your system without the proper training. Because of this, hiring an outside risk assessment expert could prove to be your best course of action. This individual will run a technology assessment to discover your security vulnerabilities, then plot a course to fix these. Some of these are fairly simple and inexpensive to implement, while others will cost a good chunk of change. In addition, you may need to update your software, implement a two-factor authentication protocol, or switch to a system with higher encryption. This assessment will allow you know the possible steps you can take to further secure your business.

Listen to Warnings

Pay attention to any warnings you hear surrounding programs you use within your company. Often times, an independent researcher will find a security vulnerability within a system or program. Once found, he/she will make that known, including a simple fix for the issue. If you hear any of these, don’t ignore them. After all, they could make all the difference.

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