Do’s and Don’ts for Tough Customers

Do’s and Don’ts for Tough Customers

Businesses bring in all types of customers. Some you like and some you don’t. Over time, certain customers may become close friends. Others you may choose to avoid as much as possible. Difficult customers may cause frustration and anger for yourself or your employees on a regular basis. As hard as it may sound, there are ways you can turn tough customers into satisfied customers. Follow these do’s and don’ts to help turn tough customers into loyal customers.


  1. Handle difficult conversations over the phone whenever possible.
  2. Interrupt a customer when they’re expressing frustration or concern.
  3. Be afraid to ask follow up questions to further help your understanding of their needs.
  4. Make decisions about their service without consulting them.
  5. Yell or use rude language in response to what they say to you.
  6. Assume your position or opinion is always correct.
  7. Give false hope regarding services and products you can provide.
  8. Blame your customer for difficult demands he/she may be requesting on behalf of a supervisor.
  9. End a conversation without offering some type of solution to the problem at hand.
  10. Continue business if you’ve exhausted all possible means of a solution.
  11. Work with clients who become abusive or hostile.


  1. Have conversations in person and in their office to help them feel calm.
  2. Listen attentively to what you customer is saying.
  3. Repeat back what you hear them saying to avoid possible miscommunications.
  4. Take down objective notes about how you can help your customer.
  5. Make sure your customer feels valued and important to your business.
  6. Use the type of tone you would like your customer to take.
  7. Take your time, breathe deeply, and respond in a calm manner.
  8. Imagine other people are listening into your conversation.
  9. Be honest about what you can and can’t provide for your customer.
  10. Look at the situation through their perspective.
  11. Admit when you’re wrong, fix the mistake when possible, and apologize.
  12. Follow through on all promises you make to your customer.
  13. Terminate customer business politely, professionally, and in writing.


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