Nifty Stuff You Can Do With Your Contact List

Nifty Stuff You Can Do With Your Contact List

When you get a new phone, upgrade your laptop, or switch phone carriers, one of the biggest things to worry about is transferring your contacts. Your address book or contact list is where you keep valuable information about family members, friends, and business associates. Losing this data could be extremely detrimental, which is why VoIP carriers have provided the following helpful ways to transfer, integrate, and get in touch with your contacts.

Each VoIP phone carrier provides a different array of available features. Many you will find with most carriers, while others are quite rare. Before deciding on a phone carrier, do a little research to see what’s available. Look at your needs and decide which features you definitely need, and those you can live without. Below is a list of the most common features associated with contact lists.

Bulk Number Porting

When you select a new phone service, you don’t want to go through the trouble of re-entering all your current phone numbers. With Bulk Porting you can transfer multiple numbers you own to your new carrier.

Speed Dial

With speed dial you can easily dial a frequently used phone number by using a 1 or 2 digit code. These can be entered, deleted, or altered as needed.

Address Book

Use your online address book to keep track of  all your personal and business contacts. You can even assign rules and routing options to specific callers if desired. When a designated caller dials your number, they can be routed to a specific line. 

Contact List

Keep a complete list of all your contacts, including phone numbers, addresses, and emails. Your list can be accessed through your laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

Contacts Integration

Collaboration is a easier when you consolidate and integrate your contacts with one system. You can have all your Gmail, Lync, Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange phone system contacts in one location. Once integrated, you can access all their information on most available media devices. 

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