Old Telephones Are Making Employees Less Productive

Old Telephones Are Making Employees Less Productive

Employee productivity is a common concern for most businesses. In the majority of cases, higher productivity results in higher overall revenue for a company. While each situation is unique, there is correlation between employees feeling empowered and engaged, and their productivity levels. Those with proper equipment and flexibility technology can be more productive with their time. This is the case with landline vs mobile phone use. It makes you wonder, are old telephones decreasing your employee productivity?


A report in Digital Trends looked into the factors that help employees stay engaged in their work. The findings showed the employees that were the most engaged had the highest levels of control and mobility with their work space. In fact, 88% of those considered highly engaged were able to choose their work location, whether it be on a mobile phone, laptop, or other device. Employees may have very different styles of working.  Some prefer an office setting. Others prefer working from home or at a coffee shop. By allowing them to work in a comfortable location, and with tools they prefer, you increase the likelihood of their productivity. 

Security Needs

In order to allow workers flexibility with their work-space, you need to provide means for them to access business information wherever they are. This requires a business system with remote access. However, increased worker mobility requires higher data security. Allowing increased mobility for employees can boost their productivity, but it does put your company information at risk. As employees work from mobile devices, sensitive information could be accessed by cyber criminals over WiFi networks. If you allow workers to conduct business from mobile devices, adjustments within your company network need to be made to ensure data security.

Take Away

Many different methods for increasing this type of security exist for small and large sized businesses. Find the type that works best for your situation and try out their service. Once the proper security is in place, and employees have access to the tools they need to succeed, nothing should stand in your way of increased profits and employee productivity.

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