Tips for Writing a Successful Blog

Tips for Writing a Successful Blog

Writing a blog sounds like a such a simple thing to do. Once a week you sit down and write about an interesting topic or share your opinion about something in the news. Maybe throw in some comical anecdotes and a cute picture or two and you’re set. So what happens when you follow this outline and don’t get many followers or positive responses? Are you choosing the wrong topics, or just structuring the blog incorrectly? What you might not realize is that blogs are meant to be shaped like a conversation. A reader that feels part of the conversation is more likely to engage with the blog. Follow these three tips for a successful blog.

Visually Pleasing

The content of your blog is definitely important, but it would be a mistake to minimize the importance of visual stimulation with your readers. We make snap judgments when we’re reading things online, and the type of images you select to accompany your blog could be the difference between getting clicks and getting ignored. Most readers prefer blogs that have info-graphics, images, or graphs associated with them.

High quality images are preferable whenever possible, as they provide a clear picture for your readers. Vibrant or themed banners and backgrounds are easy to create with various types of free software. Stock images are also a good option if you don’t have personal images at your disposal. If you want to create your own info-graphic, design it to be shareable on most social media outlets. Feel free to outsource the construction of images, backgrounds, or info-graphics if you don’t feel properly equipped to do so.

Easy To Read

Your blog should be composed of  short paragraphs with breaks in between. Use subheadings to show readers where you’re going and bullets points for small, connected groups of information. Highlight your key points to make things easier for your readers. Before publishing, read the blog aloud to see how it sounds. This will give you a sense of the overall flow. Avoid using complicated or confusing words; use ones you’d use if you were talking to a friend. Last of all, make sure your main point is obvious and clear.

Internal & Social Media Links

One of the best ways to increase your Google rating is by including internal links within your blog. Don’t overload your readers with too many hyperlinks; include no more than three or four per blog. We can’t stress enough the importance of social media with respect to your blog. The more you can incorporate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn account with your blog, the better. Encourage readers to share the blog with other friends on social media, then check these accounts regularly so you can respond to your readers and keep the conversation going. The more you interact, they more likely they are to respond and share their opinions with you, and their friends.

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