Unusual Ways to Spice Up your Business Website

Unusual Ways to Spice Up your Business Website

If you have a business website, it’s one among millions that users can visit each day. Using their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, consumers click on site after site until they find something that catches their attention. With such fierce competition, how can you make your particular website stand out? Here are some unexpected ways you can spice up your website to increase overall traffic.

Low Cost Marketing

First of all, good marketing doesn’t necessarily require a great deal of money, especially in the digital age. In fact, some of the best types of marketing won’t cost your business a penny. A good example of this is producing a video that goes viral. All you need is a recording device and a creative idea. If the video is sufficiently entertaining, it will get passed on, and grow exponentially in views. This could direct some serious traffic to your site.

Controversial Click

Adding a small amount of controversy to a tagline or product name could cause someone to click on a link just to satisfy their curiosity. You don’t have to select an obscene phrase or image, just use something that might be interpreted different ways to peek the interest of potential customers. It could be a play on words, or something that has a double meaning. The more clicks you get from curious individuals, the better.

Would I Read This?

Before you publish content on your site, read through it as if you’re a potential customer. As you do so, pay attention to whether or not you laugh or smile, and where you lose interest. Most of all, determine if you find yourself bored or frustrated. Chances are, if you don’t find your content interesting, no one else will. Your goal is not to lecture customers, it is to engage and entertain them.

Share Your Weaknesses

Although it seems counter intuitive, being honest with customers about your strengths and weaknesses will probably benefit your company. A great many businesses are being bought out by larger corporations, leaving less and less personal touch in their wake. If you want to compete with big business, don’t act like one. Let down your guard by sharing your struggles, triumphs, and goals. You just may be surprised by the reaction you get by simply showing that you’re human.

Online Interaction

It’s not enough to simply set up a site, you need a way to interact with potential customers. If you have a blog that allows responses or comments, it’s important to check these regularly and respond in kind. A twitter account should be accessed daily to get a feel for what customers like and what’s going on with other similar businesses. An active online presence is an indication of a vibrant and interactive business.

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