Using Virtual Numbers with VoIP

Using Virtual Numbers with VoIP

If you’ve looked into VoIP phone service, you might have heard several different terms thrown around that didn’t quite make sense. One of these may have been something called Virtual Numbers. These are often times listed as one of the features included in VoIP service plans, but what they are, and how you can use them with your business could be confusing. We’ll do our best to clear this up.

International Calls

As businesses stretch across the globe, the ability to communicate with customers and employees in other countries becomes critical. Businesses need to place international calls daily, and they need to do so as cost effectively as possible. This is where virtual numbers could be very beneficial.

What is a Virtual Number?

Because VoIP numbers are routed over the internet, they’re not tied to a specific geographic location. Instead, the number is tied to a user or account. This is why you can take your VoIP phone number with you when you travel or move. This allows any phone number to be used from any location around the world.

A virtual number is one you purchase with a specific area code that isn’t tied to a physical office or space. Once you have this number, anyone can call that number as if it’s a local call, avoiding expensive international rates. Outgoing calls can also be placed from that number to numbers within the same area in order to avoid long distance rates as well.

Utilizing a Virtual Number

If you want to create a local presence for you company within a foreign country, a virtual number can help. Determine which areas or regions you want to target, then purchase virtual numbers with those specific area codes. Once this number is in place, customers can reach your business with this number. This not only builds trust with local customers, it allows them to call you for free. It also provides the impression that your company is local, and not based in some far away country.

You can set up as many virtual numbers as your VoIP service provider allows. All of these can be routed to a central office, or to regional offices in various locations. If a virtual number is important to your business, it would be wise to research which VoIP phone providers offer virtual numbers before signing up for service.

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