VoIP for the Online Travel Industry

VoIP for the Online Travel Industry

Each industry has its own strengths and weaknesses; the online travel industry is no exception. In order to up the chances of your online travel business succeeding, you need to identify your weaknesses and come up with possible solutions for them. Some of these could be solved with the help of a VoIP phone provider. Let’s discuss three common issues within the online travel industry and see how VoIP can help.

Issue #1: Lack of Employee Monitoring Capabilities

If you own an online travel business, you may have employees that field calls and book reservations. These individuals are on the phone most of the time, representing your business. How can you ensure they’re providing the correct information or treating customers respectfully? The lack of monitoring capabilities with most business phone systems could be an issue.

This is where VoIP phone systems can really help. Many providers offer features that allow you to listen in on live conversations for monitoring and training purposes. Some are done with the knowledge of those being listened to, while some are done without their knowledge. From a managerial perspective, this could resolve the issue of wondering what’s really occurring on these business phone calls. To further help with this, some offer free call recordings so you can listen to them later for training purposes.

Issue #2: High Employee Turnover

The travel industry in general is fast paced and constantly evolving to meet the needs of a global market. As it grows, it may be hard to fill that growth with qualified candidates and properly train them. Because of this, there is often a high employee turnover rate, leaving businesses to deal with the fall out.

To help combat this issue, VoIP provides cloud communications which allow businesses to adapt more easily to these changes. If you have a hosted phone system, all your data and information is stored in the cloud. This makes it accessible anytime, from any mobile device. Added or removing employees from your system can be done through your admin portal, allowing your business to scale up or down as needed.

Issue #3: Inability to Follow Through with Clients

Once you’ve booked a trip for a client, it’s great knowing everything is taken care of and they can enjoy an amazing adventure. It’s also really nice for customers to book vacation packages for themselves knowing the flight, hotel, and excursions are all set for their trip. But what happens when something goes wrong during their vacation? Who can they call when there’s a problem with their hotel reservation or their luggage gets lost?

A virtual phone number is something provided by many VoIP carriers that allow customers to get in touch with you for free. These numbers can be purchased for nearly any country around the world, allowing them to call you from wherever they are. You can designate these calls to get forwarded to any other number or device of your choice so you can answer them even when you’re out of the office. With the help of a virtual, you can be there for your clients throughout their journey to guarantee its success.

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