What are the Different Types of Cloud Services?

What are the Different Types of Cloud Services?

What we refer to as “the cloud” has been around since the 1960’s. However, it didn’t become part of mainstream culture until August of 2006 when Google CEO at the time, Eric Schmidt, used the term “cloud computing” at an industry conference. Since then, the cloud has become an integral part of computer software for many businesses around the world. As more companies are choosing to use the cloud, it’s important to first understand the differences between the three main types of available cloud services. This can help you determine which is best for your specific business.

Private Cloud

This type of cloud is created and maintained by the individual business. It’s also usually hosted within the organization’s own firewall. The infrastructure may be present within the organization’s data center, or in a separate location. Either way, the business owns and operates the cloud privately.

Public Cloud

In this situation, an independent provider, also referred to as a third-party provider, owns and maintains all the resources accessed by customers over the internet. These resources are shared with other users and is available to the public. In general, it’s also less expensive than a private system.

Hybrid Cloud

As you might imagine, this type combines features of a private and public cloud. A private cloud is connected to a public cloud infrastructure. This allows a business to participate in both environments. Your public and private cloud work together to become one uniform system. The only issue that may prevent such a system is incompatibility with the software and services used by both types of clouds.


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