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2020 VOIP Service Review

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Fonality Review Summary

Fonality's hosted VoIP service comes bundled with award-winning unified communications software. This makes it possible for mid-size and enterprise businesses to work with other companies all over the world.

Fonality has also joined forces with NetFortris, allowing them to provide customers with UCaaS software solutions for communications. This newly merged company now has operating centers in three countries, providing services to more than 11,000 customers and 300,000 end users in 41 countries.

Fonality promises to provide a complete business communication solution. They aim for reliable and affordable business phone systems that help you sell, service, and collaborate with ease. In addition to this, they provide a variety of added phone features and deployment options to make your business run smooth.

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Fonality Highlights

  • Secure Cloud Solutions
  • Customized Voice Services
  • Free Upgrades
  • No Cost Maintenance
  • Network Analytics
  • Apps & Integrations
Customer Support
  • Plans from:
  • $19.99/mo.
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Fonality Category Reviews

Overall rating

7.6 /10

Overall Review

On their site, NetFortris emphasizes commitment to building long-lasting, and productive relationships with each client. They claim to do this by focusing on 5 specific areas. These include technology expertise, security, reliability and performance, dedication to service, and flexibility. Let's take a closer look at how they well they do in these different areas.

With respect to technology, they use a cloud based network to create a solid infrastructure. They also take care of upgrades and maintenance at no extra cost, which are both very important to any sized company. Their security system includes firewalls and secure UCaaS that come with other integrated security features. Being able to provide reliable security for your information is one of the reasons they've received a high overall rating.

They also boast 99.999% reliability with built-in redundancy and failover systems in place. This type of setup would certainly provide reliable communication regardless of natural or man made problems that may arise. Their customer support system is extensive and varied, and the scalability and flexibility they provide is impressive.

  • Voicemail Management
  • Personalized Call Routing
  • Drag & Drop Calling
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • Web-Based Administration
  • Built-in Presence

  • Price:
  • From $19.99/mo.

Enterprise rating

7.8 /10

Enterprise Review

Having combined forces with NetFortris, Fonality now provides secure cloud-based voice and data communications solutions for Enterprise Businesses. They have specialized applications and business devices that can be used in multiple locations. This type of system is perfect for businesses with offices at several different locations.

We would also like to highlight the integrated management systems they provide that allow you to keep all your different systems working in sync with one another. In addition to this, they have a variety of analytics you can use to keep track of customer needs, and how your business is doing.

Our favorite aspect of Fonality's services is the amount of customization you can make for your specific business needs. You can control speech analytics, control policies, authorization, indexing, and even create your own auto-search phrases and auto-suggestions that work independently of one another.

  • Cloud PBX
  • Public & Private Networking
  • Sophisticated Analytics
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Secure MPLS Network
  • Live Monitoring

  • Price:
  • From $19.99/mo.

Small & Medium Business rating

7.6 /10

Small & Medium Business Review

The majority of most modern small businesses require the use of cloud voice services. The ability to transmit data and keep information within the cloud is extremely helpful for businesses run out of the home, or in a small office space. Companies also need room to grow over time, and in their own unique ways. As your business grows, Fonality has a system in place to grow with your new communications needs.

Unified Communications is one way Fonality provides for these growing communication needs. This allows all your communications to be easily accessible from multiple locations, and through various means. Having call center services located within the cloud is also something we find very useful, and one of the reasons we've given Fonality a good rating.

Last but not least, the ability to use Fonality with mobile devices can't be understated. In this world of cell phones, tablets, and hand held devices, a company that doesn't provide for mobile communications simply can't compete. Fonality provides full mobile integration and the ability to use Softphones. You can even make and receive calls from your mobile device using your business phone number.

  • SIP Trunking
  • Connectivity Options
  • Total Control WAN
  • Cloud Based Backup
  • Carrier Grade MPLS
  • Customizable Network Components

  • Price:
  • From $19.99/mo.

Fonality Reliability (7.0 / 10)

One of the common words you see regarding VoIP providers is resiliency. Fonality aims to achieve this by creating a reliable failover system. This is designed to provide forward error protection, automatic load balances, and application priority.

The failover system is a bi-directional one that contains two active circuits. Specific applications or traffic is routed to each circuit in a pre-determined fashion. In the event that one circuit loses connectivity, the traffic is automatically routed to the functioning circuit to ensure continuous productivity.

By pre-determining which traffic is more important, you can guarantee that traffic is prioritized. For instance, if voice traffic is more important to your business than video traffic, this will be given priority during a temporary interruption. Once the system is fully functioning, all traffic will continue down its original path.

Fonality Features (7.5 / 10)

If you look at all the features available through Fonality, the list is quite extensive. They include all the features any small or large business could need or want. However, not all the features are available for all service plans. They do indicate 100+ default features included with every plan, but these are not specified.

What we do know is that the basic plan includes unlimited calls, call routing and voicemail options, and auto attendant. If you go one step up to their professional plan, you start to get features like a softphone, mobile app, and click-to-dial. At this level audio conferencing and on-demand reports are also available.

The last level, named their ultimate plan, includes all the previous features plus a handful more. Most of these are features you would only find through a call center. The three we appreciate the most are barge, whisper, and monitor. From a training perspective, these could be extremely helpful to your business.

A Summary of Fonality Features

Read your voice mails with an automated or human-assisted transcription service.

Callers get put “on hold” until they can connect to the next available representative.

Unite your whole company with a virtual PBX that is hosted entirely in the cloud.

Link your business phone number to your mobile device.

Provides a personalized message to incoming callers with options to connect to the operator, dial by name, or reach another extension.

Rings multiple numbers at once to find you regardless of where you are. 

Find Me/Follow Me allows users to define how incoming calls are routed or forwarded to individuals or groups of inbound callers.

Host audio conferences using a desktop or laptop, with multiple and mobile clients.

A complete Call Center Solution that offers automated and intelligent call distribution. 

Record all inbound and outbound calls for your business, or one or more employees.

Visual Voicemail allows you to view, play and read your voicemail and fax messages right from your inbox. 

If your Internet goes down, calls are automatically forwarded to another phone number.

A private extension with a personal password-protected voicemail account. 

Transfer a call to another phone number or extension during a call.

A button on your website lets customers quickly connect to you or a department with one click.

See caller breakdown, including demographics, social profile and cell phone provider.

Check your messages from any phone any time you want,

Take your rates and features with you no matter where you are in the world.

When all phone lines are in use for the company or department group, you can place the caller in queue until the next available staff member is free to pick up the call.

Allows users to visually monitor other lines or extensions to know if another employee is on an active call.

Fonality Value (8.5 / 10)

Is Fonality a good value?

One of the ways a company can save money is to maximize their bandwidth. This is one area in which Fonality does well. Fonality uses Total Control WAN which is a system designed to maximize your bandwidth resources no matter the size or type. This system can be tailored to your specific needs to ensure enhanced efficiency.

They also provide the means to access different types of connectivity, including private, wireless, and public sources. Most businesses today rely on the ability to have flexible modes of communication such as these. In our opinion, these options increase their overall value.

The last feature we want to mention is their high-performance MPLS. Companies can use this to reduce their overall cost by consolidating voice, data, and video into a single, secure network. Anything considered critical will receive bandwidth priority. This is one way we feel a company can keep their system fully optimized.

Fonality Customer Support (7.5 / 10)

Fonality provides an online training library which is filled with nearly 20 training videos. These include things like adding new contacts, call parking, transferring calls, using voicemail, call display, and how to use find me/follow me.

Fonality also has a NetFortris Academy that includes different types of online training. This contains a variety of educational resources that could be helpful for phone system users and administrators. We like that they provide four different levels of training based on needs, including live training through webinars, online self-paced courses, dedicated remote training, and even on-site training.

As with most other VoIP providers, they do have customer support representatives you can call 24/7 if you can't find the answer through other means. If you prefer to communicate through typing, a chat window is also available. Whatever your preferred type of customer support, Fonality seems to have what you need.

Fonality Plans

A Summary of Fonality Plans

Below is a summary of the service plans offered by Fonality.

Essentials Plan

The Essentials Plan is just $19.99 per user and comes with all you need for a small business. You get unlimited calls and unlimited basic queues. This plan also comes a variety of added features to help your business grow. These include auto attendant, unlimited calls, call routing and voicemail options.

With this plan you can add or subtract users as needed depending on your current business needs. This is especially helpful for small businesses that need room to grow and develop over time.

If you're looking for a reliable cloud based business phone system, Fonality is a great option.

Plan Highlights

  • Distributed worker support
  • Integrated call management and collaboration
  • Call and drop call handling
  • Trouble free administration

Pricing Options

Essentials Plan
Starting from


per user (paid monthly)
  • Unlimited Calls
  • 100+ Phone Features
  • Auto Attendant
  • 24/7 Gold Support
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Professional Plan

The Professional Plan is the second tier business plan from Fonality. The price is $24.99 per user and comes with all you need for a successful business. You get unlimited calls and unlimited basic queues, plus a variety of added features to help your business grow. These include auto attendant, click to dial browser extension, call routing, daily email reports, and voicemail options.

You have the ability to add or subtract users as needed depending on your current business needs. If your business needs room to grow and expand, you will certainly have the ability.

Fonality is a great option if you're looking for a reliable cloud based business phone system.

Plan Highlights

  • Unlimited basic queues
  • Distributed worker support
  • Unlimited calls
  • Trouble free administration

Pricing Options

Professional Plan
Starting from


per user (paid monthly)
  • All Essentials Features
  • Free Phone Rental
  • Softphone
  • Audio Conferecing
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Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate Plan is Fonality's top tier business plan. The price is $34.99 per user and comes with unlimited calls and unlimited basic queues. You also get a variety of added features perfect for any size business. These include heads up display, click to dial browser extension, softphone, audio conferencing, and daily reports.

Depending on your current business needs, you can increase or decrease the number of users. For a small additional fee, you can add other features such as faxing services and platinum support.

Any business looking for a reliable cloud based phone system should take a look at what Fonality has to offer.

Plan Highlights

  • Trouble free administration
  • Unlimited calls
  • 100+ phone features
  • Distributed workforce

Pricing Options

Ultimate Plan
Starting from


per user (paid monthly)
  • All Pro Features+
  • Free Phone Rental
  • Voicemail Transcription
  • HD Video Collaboration
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Fonality Awards

Some Fonality Awards

Here a few select awards earned by Fonality.