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2020 VOIP Service Review

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ITP VoIP Review Summary

The main goal of ITP is to provide a reliable and user friendly phone communications system for residential customers. In order to do this, every customer that signs up for service receives a FREE router/adapter. Their phone system works with most land line phones so there's no need to buy extra equipment. To make thing even easier, the don't impose contracts or cancellation fees.

Included with all ITP phones plans are a variety of features that help with privacy, call routing, and account management. Three virtual features they offer are virtual fax, virtual phone number, and international virtual number. Through their service you can also make and receive international phone calls using your cell phone.

For those interested in having a toll-free number, this is available. Individuals who plan to use ITP for a home office system can take advantage of their Softphone capability and dedicated fax line. Last of all, they provide a Mobile app for Apple and Android cell phones.

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ITP VoIP Highlights

  • FREE Mobile App
  • Virtual Number
  • Unlimited International Calls
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Softphone
  • Hosted PBX
Customer Support
  • Plans from:
  • $9.99/mo.
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ITP VoIP Category Reviews

Overall rating

8.8 /10

Overall Review

ITP provides VoIP phone service for residential customers in a variety of ways. Compared to other residential providers, their selection of service plans is impressive. They have two basic plans, two premium plans, two global plans, plus one plan for a home office setting. Depending on which plan you select, you can choose to have one, two or four phone lines.

Each plan comes with nearly 50 additional free features. These are designed to help customers manage incoming and outgoing calls, maintain privacy settings, and personalize their phone system.

They also have a 2 Smart App that provides a second line, second phone number and voicemail that works with your smartphone. This can be linked to your ITP home phone or be a stand alone second line on your smartphone. You also get free unlimited in-network calls and chat with this app.

Overall, ITPs residential phone service is varied, thorough, and well able to meet the needs of its customers.

  • Free ITP Router
  • No Contract
  • Online Account Management
  • Call Forwarding
  • Auto Attendant
  • Music on Hold

  • Price:
  • From $9.99/mo.

Residential rating

8.8 /10

Residential Review

When you compare ITP to other residential providers, their selection of service plans seems quite impressive. Not only do they have basic and premium plans, they also include global plans and a home office plan. Depending on your desired plan, you can have one, two, or even four separate lines.

Close to 50 additional free features also come with each plan. These help customers manage and route incoming and outgoing calls, determine privacy settings, and retrieve voicemail in a variety of ways.

For those interested in mobile service, they have a 2 Smart App that provides a second line. This comes with a second phone number and voicemail that works with your smartphone. You can choose to have this linked to your ITP home phone or work as a stand alone second line on your smartphone. Lastly, this comes with free unlimited in-network calls and chat.

When you take a look at all ITP has to offer residential customers, it's hard not to be impressed.

  • FREE First Month
  • No Contract
  • FREE Mobile App
  • Advanced Features
  • International Calling
  • Home Office Solutions

  • Price:
  • From $9.99/mo.

ITP VoIP Reliability (8.8 / 10)

When you experience difficulties with service, it's important to have support available to resolve these issues. To help maintain the reliability of this service, all customer service and sales teams for ITP are located in the US.

Proper security is also a factor when deciding which VoIP phone service to subscribe to. ITP provides enhanced security for your faxes using high levels of encryption. ITP also abides by all governmental requirements for HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX.

Based on these factors, ITP residential phone service scores reasonably well in the reliability department.

ITP VoIP Features (8.7 / 10)

One of ITP's strongest selling points is their extensive list of included features. Some are designed to help with the management and routing of incoming and outgoing calls. Others help you avoid pesky phone calls from unwanted international, anonymous, or toll-free numbers. Others help you record and retrieve important phone calls and messages.

In addition, certain features are in place for home office use. These include virtual numbers, faxing capabilities, auto attendant, music on hold, and outlook integration.

Feel free to scroll down the page to see a complete list of included features

A Summary of ITP Residential Features

With Do Not Disturb, all of your calls will get sent to voicemail without ringing.

The ability to switch between two simultaneous incoming calls.

Link your business phone number to your mobile device.

Provides a personalized message to incoming callers with options to connect to the operator, dial by name, or reach another extension.

See the name of incoming callers, even if they’re not currently in your address book.

Ensure that international calls are not charged to your account by blocking international calling.

Rings multiple numbers at once to find you regardless of where you are. 

Send and receive faxes from home without typing up your existing phone line.

You can choose a month-to-month option (e.g. no contract).

Send a receive faxes from an online member interface.

Find Me/Follow Me allows users to define how incoming calls are routed or forwarded to individuals or groups of inbound callers.

Record all inbound and outbound calls for your business, or one or more employees.

Visual Voicemail allows you to view, play and read your voicemail and fax messages right from your inbox. 

Enjoy extreme privacy with multiple ways to block unwanted incoming callers.

Whether you’re doing business or just chatting with friends, three-way conference calling has never been easier.

A private extension with a personal password-protected voicemail account. 

Select from pre-configured protection settings to block incoming calls, or build your own customized call blocking profile.

Forward incoming calls to any number you choose.

Your voicemail messages get automatically forwarded to your email as an audio file. 

Log into your account from any web browser, using any device, to manage your settings and features.

Professional high-quality music for callers to listen to as they wait on hold or in a queue.

Nationwide coverage with all IP phones and adapters wherever available.

Transfer your current phone number or numbers to your new phone service.

You can choose a 800, 888, or 877 phone number that is free for the people calling you.

Transfer a call to another phone number or extension during a call.

View all incoming, outgoing and missed calls on your account.

A button on your website lets customers quickly connect to you or a department with one click.

Allows an incoming call to be routed to any extension or telephone number in a group of extensions or telephone numbers.

Anonymous Call Rejection automatically rejects calls from people who are using a blocking feature to hide their identity.

A complete list of all your contacts, including phone numbers, emails and addresses.

Block any operator-assisted calls and prevent all associated charges.

Unlimited and free calls to anyone inside your phone network.

Block any incoming operator-assisted calls and their associated charges.

Check your messages from any phone any time you want,

Take your rates and features with you no matter where you are in the world.

Easily dial a frequently used phone number by using a 1 or 2 digit code.

Order additional phone numbers from anywhere in the US & Canada that people can call for free.

Add your company name and telephone number to a Directory Assistance Listing provider to allow more accessibility to your company information.

Consolidate and integrate all your contacts, including those in Gmail, Lync, Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange.

You can get a local number from anywhere in the U.S. even if it's from an area code other than where you're located.

Select a distinct ring or alert for calls that meet specific pre-determined criteria.

ITP VoIP Value (9.0 / 10)

Is ITP Residential a good value?

Overall, ITP offers fair, competitively priced residential service which is generally covers most user needs. Phone and communications services are designed for home and small business usage. Also included with all ITP phone plans are additional features we find quite impressive.

Based on these features and the sheer number of available plans, you really get a lot for the money. And, compared to old land-line phone systems, ITP definitely holds more value.

Last of all, ITP has doesn't require contracts or impose cancellation fees. This allows you to to start their service risk free.

ITP VoIP Customer Support (8.6 / 10)

Customer support is found by clicking on the Contact Us link from the homepage. You can either email customer support by filling in the provided information, or call support through a toll free number. Phone support is unavailable during weekends and holidays, which may be difficult for residential customers. It is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm EST.

On the homepage you'll find a link labeled Help. From here you can find guides and forms for various types of equipment you might use with their service.

A General Info link can also be found here. This includes help with issues such as log in information, porting numbers, placing international calls, and having multiple lines.

ITP VoIP Plans

A Summary of ITP VoIP Plans

Below is a summary of the service plans offered by ITP VoIP.


The Basic Plan is the least expensive of all ITP residential phone plans. Costing less than $10 a month, it's one of the most affordable phone plans around. This plan includes unlimited incoming minutes, plus 500 free outgoing minutes each month to land line phones anywhere in the US and Canada.

In addition to this, a variety of advanced phone features are available for use. Some of these include whitelist and blacklist, call forwarding, caller ID, do not disturb, and voicemail.

As with all ITP Residential phone plans, no contracts are required and there are no cancellation fees.

Plan Highlights

  • First month free
  • Number porting
  • Do not disturb
  • Unlimited incoming minutes
  • No cancellation fees
  • Network support

Pricing Options

Starting from


(paid monthly)
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls
  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Call Recording
  • No Contract
  • Number Porting
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Basic 2 Line

The Basic 2 Line Plan is similar to the Basic Plan, but it includes 2 lines and double the monthly minutes. Costing just $18.99 a month, it's one of the most affordable residential phone plans around. This plan provides unlimited incoming minutes, plus 1,000 free outgoing minutes each month to land line phones anywhere within the US and Canada.

It also includes a variety of advanced phone features that help with privacy, call routing, and support. Some of these include voicemail, wake up call, call recording, anonymous call rejection, and simultaneous ring.

All ITP Residential phone plans also include no contracts and no cancellation fees.

Plan Highlights

  • 1,000 FREE outbound minutes
  • Simultaneous ring
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Unlimited incoming minutes
  • Mobile app
  • Call hold

Pricing Options

Basic 2 Line
Starting from


(paid monthly)
  • 1,000 Outgoing Minutes
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • 2 Lines
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls
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The Global Plan provides unlimited incoming and outgoing minutes to any landline phone in the US and Canada, plus unlimited calls to over 70 countries around the world. Calls to landline phones are included for every country. For select countries, calls to mobile phones are also included.

In addition to unlimited calls, you also get free features such as voicemail, call hold, caller ID, do not disturb, and anonymous call rejection. Download the ITP mobile app and you'll be able to place international calls on your smartphone.

ITP never requires contracts, and there are no cancellation fees.

Plan Highlights

  • Unlimited international calling
  • Global cell
  • Do not disturb
  • International virtual number
  • Voicemail to text
  • Caller ID

Pricing Options

Starting from


(paid monthly)
  • Global Cell
  • International Calling
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
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Global 2 Line

The Global 2 Line Plan resembles the Global Plan, but comes with two separate phone lines. For just $48.99 a month, you get unlimited incoming and outgoing minutes to most countries around the world. These minutes are available for both the first and second line. All calls are routed using ITP digital VoIP technology to make them clear and high quality.

Nearly 50 advanced phone features are also available that help you route calls, maintain privacy, and find support when needed. Some of these include universal number, outbound call block, wake up call, 411 directory assistance, distinctive ring, and contact list.

You can try this plan without signing up for an annual agreement, and can cancel anytime without additional fees.

Plan Highlights

  • Unlimited international calls
  • 2 phone lines
  • Mobile app
  • Virtual number
  • Emergency calling services
  • 3-way calling

Pricing Options

Global 2 Line
Starting from


(paid monthly)
  • 2 Separate Lines
  • Unlimited International Calling
  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Online Account Management
  • Caller ID
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ITP VoIP Awards

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