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2020 VOIP Service Review

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MegaPath Review Summary

MegaPath is a good source for all types of business communications, including VoIP Business Phone, Network & Security, and Business Internet service. Using their services is a great way to consolidate your bill and streamline your IT services. They offer Hosted PBX and Unified Communications services with tons of features (see our features review below).

MegaPath Business VoIP service is reliable, easy to use, and has decent pricing. Most of their services come with a 30-day or 60-day satisfaction guarantee, minimizing the risk.

Customers get a dedicated Project Manager that will help transition into MegaPath's voice services. Once set up, users can easily manage their account and services through the customer portal. Support experts are ready to resolve issues quickly via chat or phone.

Bottom Line:

MegaPath Business VoIP is a great solution for Small/Medium and Enterprise sized organizations.

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MegaPath Highlights

  • Save up to 50%
  • Hosted PBX
  • 50+ Business Class Features
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • SIP Trunking
  • Conferencing & Collaboration
  • Call Analytics
  • Call Center
Customer Support
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MegaPath Category Reviews

Overall rating

8.7 /10

Overall Review

Megapath Business Phone service aims to provide customers with enterprise-grade features at small business prices. Their hope is to allow small businesses the same protection, flexibility, and professional appearance as large enterprises. They do an excellent job meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes, but we recommend their services for companies of 20 or more.

MegaPath makes a promise to its customers:

We promise to deliver affordable, high-quality business services backed by responsive customer care.

In terms of reliability and quality, MegaPath VoIP is a leader in the industry. They've won numerous awards from various telecom, voice service, and business accreditation associations including the BBB. They back their services with 30-day to 60-day satifaction guarantees.

MegaPath provides 50+ features with their business calling plans, providing all you need for your company communications. Note that if you need video calling, call recording, CRM App integration, or Toll-Free Numbers, you'll need to step up to the Premium or Enterprise plans which include MegaPath One Unified Communications. Otherwise, these are add-on features (e.g. additional cost). Overall, MegaPath VoIP is a good value based on standard features.

MegaPath's Customer Service is rated highly across most review sites. You can find a few unsatisfied customers, but it's clear that MegaPath has a good support team in place. Online resources could use some refreshing (the site is a little outdated), but overall the information you need is there.

Summary: Overall we're impressed with MegaPath Business VoIP service. They provide lots of features, have competitively priced plans, and a good support team.

  • Unified Communications
  • Unlimited National Calling
  • No Contract
  • Intelligent Call Distribution
  • Supervisor Dashboard
  • Fax Pro
  • Video Calling
  • Presence
  • SD-WAN

  • Price:
  • From $19.95/mo.

Enterprise rating

8.5 /10

Enterprise Review

If you run an enterprise business, the sheer amount of things you need to consider must seem daunting. Finding a good communications system could certainly help ease any potential frustrations among employees and customers. The products we see offered by Megapath could help improve your company's overall communications, and even stretch your budget a little bit farther.

By knowing the monthly fee per user on your system, you should be able to predict costs as part of your overall budget. This should give you a better idea as to the amount of additional funds you can use for other aspects of your business. By using the included IT resources through MegaPath, you can reduce the cost you would pay for your own in-house IT team.

By working with a single nationwide provide, you should be able to streamline your vendor management, hopefully simplifying the entire process. All of your phone, internet, and support needs can be me by one company, with one monthly bill to pay. If we were in charge of the communications needs of an enterprise organization, we would definitely look into MegaPath.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Hunt Groups
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Megapath Anywhere
  • N-Way Calling
  • Alternate Numbers

  • Price:
  • From $39.90/mo.

Small & Medium Business rating

8.7 /10

Small & Medium Business Review

On of MegaPath's main goals for small and medium sized businesses is to improve overall productivity and mobility. They do this by providing cloud communications, which aims to cut costs and simplify management. From our perspective, this could definitely be possible due to the fact that all your communications are managed by one source, providing simplicity within your system.

From a small business perspective, the ability MegaPath provides of handling all your maintenance and upgrading issues is definitely appealing. It's hard enough getting a business up and running without having to worry about technology and equipment maintenance. It's also nice to have 24/7 support available to call if you do come across issues that you can't solve on your own.

The most valuable asset we feel MegaPath has to offer any sized business is their huge variety of available features. These allow you to track, control, route, and filter all incoming calls. They also help you communicate on the go with mobile apps that allow you to appear as if you're calling from a business line. Voicemail can be listened to or read, depending on preference, and saved as needed. In short, MegaPath is a great option for a small business.

  • Online Conferencing
  • Managed WiFi
  • Auto Attendant
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Fine Me/Follow Me
  • Call Recording

  • Price:
  • From $19.95/mo.

Hosted PBX rating

9.0 /10

Hosted PBX Review

MegaPath offers a solid Hosted PBX service that performs well in our cloud pbx provider comparisons. The service offers up a no-maintenance (it's in the cloud), scalable, hd quality, user-friendly, hosted VoIP service that can save most businesses tons of many as compared to traditional PBX systems.

MegaPath is well known for their MegaPath One Unified Communications solution which combines video calling, voice, SMS texting, chat, and other collaboration tools into a single product that works on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. They've basically taken all the features of a cloud hosted PBX calling system and made them available anywhere you and your device go!

MegaPath Hosted Voice (IP PBX, Virtual PBX) can easily be integrated with all the top CRM & Help Desk solutions. These include InfusionSoft, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Salesforce, Sugar, Zendesk, and more.

MegePath's Hosted PBX solution is affordable (see plans below), easy to install, flexible, and feature packed. On top of that, their customer support is outstanding.

  • Unlimted Calling
  • 50+ Features
  • Easy Installation
  • 30% - 50% Savings
  • CRM Integrations
  • HD Voice Quality

MegaPath Reliability (8.5 / 10)

MegaPath has built up a strong network infrastructure by acquiring various networks across the US, and by developing their Unified Communications offerings. MegaPath service and reliability has been rated highly by various telecom industry experts, including reviewers at TMC Internet Telephony.

One of the ways MegaPath helps customers keep an eye on phone system reliability is through Network Performance Monitoring. This gives customers complete visibility into their network, account administration, and order status. MegaPath leverages their huge customer base of 'system monitors' to keep an eye on global system health.

MegaPath offers professional grade solutions for safeguarding records, communications, and transactions. They do this by providing private networking and security services that consolidate your locations onto a single private network.

To further protect your network and data, MegaPath offers IPsec VPN with Firewall, plus Unified Threat Management. In short, this combination works to create a multi-layer system designed to combat network threats. With cyber crimes on the rise, and companies getting hacked all the time, we think you'll benefit from MegaPath going to great lengths to keep your information and network secure and reliable.

Summary: MegaPath is a leader in offering reliable Business VoIP phone service and associated Network & Security services.

MegaPath Features (8.5 / 10)

A Summary of MegaPath Business VoIP Features

MegaPath has a great feature set. The more than 50 business class calling and routing features come together to take your business communications to the next level. Besides the common features we've seen with most providers, they have some unique and useful ones we'd like to highlight.

The first is called Growth Reserved Numbers (an add-on feature). It allows you to set aside local numbers for new employees or hunt groups you may want to use in the future. The second is called Calling Party Category. You can associate calling parties with specific categories such as hotels or taxis for future use. Their Consultation Hold allows you to put a caller on hold, call a different party, hang up, and continue the conversation with the original caller.

We also really like their Push to Talk feature that serves as an intercom system between two phones in the same group. If you want to keep conversations private, Secure Voice allows you to deploy voice devices with SRTP and SIPS to provide encryption for voice traffic. Their N-Way Calling creates the ability to have up to 13 participants to an active call. Last of all, you can choose very memorable numbers for your business, such as 1-800-FLOWERS with their Vanity Telephone Numbers feature.

With Do Not Disturb, all of your calls will get sent to voicemail without ringing.

The ability to switch between two simultaneous incoming calls.

Callers get put “on hold” until they can connect to the next available representative.

Link your business phone number to your mobile device.

Provides a personalized message to incoming callers with options to connect to the operator, dial by name, or reach another extension.

Personalize your system with custom music and voice greetings.

Rings multiple numbers at once to find you regardless of where you are. 

Set up a find-me list of phone numbers that ring sequentially when incoming calls match your specified criteria.

Incoming calls after business hours connect directly to your voicemail.

Find Me/Follow Me allows users to define how incoming calls are routed or forwarded to individuals or groups of inbound callers.

Host audio conferences using a desktop or laptop, with multiple and mobile clients.

A complete Call Center Solution that offers automated and intelligent call distribution. 

Record all inbound and outbound calls for your business, or one or more employees.

A receptionist enables a telephone attendant or receptionist to monitor incoming calls and route them to specific employees.

Visual Voicemail allows you to view, play and read your voicemail and fax messages right from your inbox. 

Transfer any incoming call to voicemail by pressing the “Send to Voicemail” button at any time.

A private extension with a personal password-protected voicemail account. 

Forward incoming calls to any number you choose.

Your voicemail messages get automatically forwarded to your email as an audio file. 

Message notifications get sent directly to any email address or SMS-capable mobile phone.

Log into your account from any web browser, using any device, to manage your settings and features.

Professional high-quality music for callers to listen to as they wait on hold or in a queue.

Keep track of business contacts in your address book, while assigning routing rules to specific callers.

Stay anonymous with your outgoing calls.

Nationwide coverage with all IP phones and adapters wherever available.

You can choose a 800, 888, or 877 phone number that is free for the people calling you.

Transfer a call to another phone number or extension during a call.

View all incoming, outgoing and missed calls on your account.

Prompts the caller to enter the user's name they are trying to reach, and the call gets transferred.

Create and manage group or individual phone extensions.

If you want to know who just called, simply dial *69 and you'll know in seconds.

A certain line is assigned more than one extension number and will ring in different ways to indicate which extension is dialed. 

Allows an incoming call to be routed to any extension or telephone number in a group of extensions or telephone numbers.

Send a notification message, containing the caller's name and number.

Allows you to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from a different telephone set.

You can answer incoming calls on a directory number other than their own. 

Anonymous Call Rejection automatically rejects calls from people who are using a blocking feature to hide their identity.

Dial a special code to initiate the automatic return of the last incoming call.

Take your rates and features with you no matter where you are in the world.

Easily dial a frequently used phone number by using a 1 or 2 digit code.

Directly intercom to a different extension and start speaking to them instantly. 

You can announce your call to more than one extension all at the same time.

Consolidate and integrate all your contacts, including those in Gmail, Lync, Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange.

You can get a local number from anywhere in the U.S. even if it's from an area code other than where you're located.

Allows users to visually monitor other lines or extensions to know if another employee is on an active call.

Select a distinct ring or alert for calls that meet specific pre-determined criteria.

MegaPath Value (8.7 / 10)

Is MegaPath VoIP Service a good value?

To assess the 'value' of MegaPath's VoIP phone service, we've taken into consideration the features they provide, the plan pricing, and the reliability of the service.

As mentioned above, we're impresses with MegaPath's features. The standard feature-set is as good as most providers. Some of the add-on features take MegaPath to the next level.

MegaPath Business Voice pricing is reasonable and similar to other providers (less in some cases). As we've indicated above, MegaPath, being a Networking and Security leader, provides clear reliable calling and other communications.

Summary: MegaPath provides good value for a decent price. We've given them 8.7/10 for value.

MegaPath Customer Support (9.0 / 10)

MegaPath Business Phone customer support gets an 'A' in our book. Here are the details:

Most customer reviews indicate that MegaPath offers timely, effective support from US based service representatives. Support is available 24/7/365.

MegaPath offers professional on-site installation which helps to mitigate rough system implementations and reduces the chance of later issues. Online training is also available.

MegaPath delineates their online Customer Portal between Small/Medium businesses and Enterprise businesses. Both portals are designed to help customers manage services, create trouble tickets, and make payments. When you first contact customer support, a trouble ticket will be assigned to you with an accompanying incident number. Customer reviews generally indicate that ticket resolution is quick and thorough.

MegaPath also provides a Voice Learning Center which teaches customers how to use the features of Voice service, including the basic tools and advanced settings.

Summary: MegaPath VoIP Customer Support is better than average. Score: 9.0/10.

MegaPath Plans

A Summary of MegaPath Plans

Below is a summary of the service plans offered by MegaPath.

Business Voice

MegaPath's Business Voice Plan is just $19.95 a month and includes unlimited calls to anywhere in the US. In addition, you get over 50 phone features free of charge. Some of these include caller ID, voicemail, call logs, conference bridge, and voicemail to email. A few features, such as automated call recording, auto attendant, and toll -free numbers are available upon request.

When you sign up with MegaPath, you can integrated business VoIP features with your everyday applications in a matter of minutes. MegaPath Hosted Voice customers can take advantage of automatic call logging, click-to-dial capabilities, caller-info screen pops, and advanced call analytics. You can also use help desk applications like Salesforce and Zendesk.

This plan includes 24/7 customer support and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Plan Highlights

  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • Inbound Caller ID
  • Professional On-Site Installation
  • HD Voice
  • Centralized Admin Console

Pricing Options

Business Voice
Starting from


per user (paid monthly)
  • *Per Per User
  • All Features Included
  • Visual Voicemail
  • 30 Day Guarantee
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Premium Business Voice

MegaPath's Premium Business Voice Plan is $24.95 a month and comes with unlimited calls anywhere within the US. All MegaPath customers get integrated business VoIP features with your everyday applications in a matter of minutes. MegaPath Hosted Voice customers can take advantage of call analytics, automatic call logging, click-to-dial capabilities, and caller-info screen pops. You can also use help desk applications like Zendesk and Salesforce.

Some of the premium features included with this plan are those associated with unified communications. For example, you can utilize instant messaging, web conferencing, and desktop sharing. A few features, such as application integration and toll -free numbers are available upon request.

This plan includes round the clock customer support and always comes with 30 day money back guarantee.

Plan Highlights

  • Web Conferencing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Personal Conferencing Bridge
  • Voicemail-to-text Transcription
  • 50+ Calling Features

Pricing Options

Premium Business Voice
Starting from


per user (paid monthly)
  • *Price Per User
  • Unlimited US Minutes
  • Instant Messaging
  • 50+ Features
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Enterprise Voice

MegaPath's Enterprise Plan is just $39.90 a month and includes unlimited calls to anywhere in the US. In addition, you get over 50 phone features free of charge. Some of these include caller ID, voicemail, call logs, conference bridge, and voicemail to email. A few features, such as automated call recording, auto attendant, and toll -free numbers are available upon request.

Enterprise organizations can utilize integrated business VoIP features with your everyday applications. You can also take advantage of office features such as automatic call logging, click-to-dial capabilities, caller-info screen pops, and advanced call analytics. Desk applications like Salesforce and Zendesk are available for use at any time.

If you have questions or concerns with this plan, 24/7 customer support is always ready and willing to help.

Plan Highlights

  • Unlimited Global Calling
  • Automated Call Recording
  • Mobile-to-Desktop Call Pull
  • Integrated Messaging
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support

Pricing Options

Enterprise Voice
Starting from


per user (paid monthly)
  • *Price Per User
  • Unlimited Global Calling
  • Web Conferencing
  • Automated Call Recording
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MegaPath Awards

Some MegaPath Awards

Here a few select awards earned by MegaPath.