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2020 VOIP Service Review

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VoIP Studio Review Summary

VoIPstudio uses a telephony platform and solid infrastructure to enable flexible and reliable connections between users and business entities. Having an on-site advanced telephone system based in the cloud can help businesses increase productivity and reduce cost. We feel the products offered by VoIPstudio can do just this.

Depending on the needs of your business, VoIP phone numbers can be easily designed to suit any business environment. After you sign up for service, their simple web-based control panel can be used to set up your telephone network as needed. This system can grow and evolve as your business changes.

Their service plans come with 40 different features you can use for your business. Some of these include virtual meeting rooms, call recording, contact directory, music on hold, queues, ring groups, interactive voice responses, voicemails, “Follow Me”, and many more. When compared to other VoIP providers, these included features are ranked right near the top of our list.

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VoIP Studio Highlights

  • Free Internet Calls
  • Web Admin Portal
  • Mobile Client
  • Call Recording
  • Company Directory
  • Ring Groups
Customer Support
  • Plans from:
  • $4.99/mo.
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VoIP Studio Category Reviews

Overall rating

7.9 /10

Overall Review

Small and medium sized businesses need a hosted communications platform that provides reliable calls, flexible infrastructure, and dependable security. They also need a system that is compliant with the latest regulations regarding privacy and information. From what we can see, VoIPstudio provides all of this for their customers.

Because their communications system is based in the cloud, it's easy to contact employees and customers wherever you are, on multiple devices. This should improve overall company productivity. A central management system is in place allowing employees and administrators to make changes as needed to their company directory, billing information, or other services.

Once inside their admin portal, It’s easy to add or remove users, allowing your business to be flexible with seasonal changes, business growth, or market demands. Having a phone system that relies on internet service can be cause for concern, which is why we appreciate what VoIPstudio has done to maintain service when problems arise. You can pre-determine a phone number (mobile or landline) where calls will automatically be redirected should your business lose internet service for any period of time.

  • Worldwide Virtual Numbers
  • Call Log
  • Speech to Text
  • Time Based Routing
  • Extension Dialing
  • Music on Hold

  • Price:
  • From $4.99/mo.

Small & Medium Business rating

8.0 /10

Small & Medium Business Review

VoIPstudio has merged cloud computing technology with the world of telephony. In other words, they use the internet and the cloud to host their telephone communications system. Wherever an internet connection is available, you can use their services in your office with a computer based software. You can also choose to port existing phone numbers if desired.

In today's fast-moving and sometimes complicated economy, businesses need a way to stay in touch with employees, other branches, and customers. This requires a communications system that provides a variety of ways to communicate on the go. VoIPstudio's system works with any Android or iPhone, allowing you to use your mobile device from home, or on the road. They also provide the means of sending SMS communications through a softphone.

We would like to point out a few more features that enhance the reliability of VoIPstudio service. All VoIPstudio calls are routed through certified data centers located in the UK, Japan, and the US. Having multiple centers helps ensure resilience and quality of the system. Their physical storage devices use high quality equipment to encrypt data, SIP signalling, and voice streams. These are in place to keep your data and communications private and secure.

  • Remote Office
  • Call Barging
  • Numbers Porting
  • Integrations
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Click to Call

  • Price:
  • From $4.99/mo.

VoIP Studio Reliability (8.5 / 10)

One of the biggest benefits of a phone system that's based in the cloud is the ability to have unlimited storage. This guarantees you never have to worry about your voicemail inbox filling up and rejecting messages from customer or clients. VoIPstudio IP PBX provides unlimited voicemail and call recording storage.

This system also comes with three data centers located in different places around the world, including the US, UK, and Japan. Phone calls get routed through these three data centers to ensure a high quality connection. If for some reason one of the centers starts to experience problems, calls will be routed to the other data centers so there's no interruption in service.

The last thing we would like to mention is VoIPstudio's Internet Failover Protection. This type of feature is critical for any business that relies on their communications capabilities. If you experience internet connectivity problems, this system automatically redirects your calls to any land line or mobile number anywhere in the world. Just pre-select this number, and if your internet goes down, you can still receive calls.

VoIP Studio Features (8.0 / 10)

A Summary of VOIPstudio Features

The features offered by VoIPstudio are separated into three main categories. These are business features, technical features, and integrations. A few business features we'd like to highlight are a remote office, mobile client, and free internet calls. With their system, internet calls are free and unlimited. You can also your VoIP service on any Android or iPhone device with the help of SIP client, and call your extensions for free while out of the office.

Within the technical features offered by VoIPstudio, we think Find Me Follow Me is quite helpful. It automatically forwards all calls to multiple external numbers, including landline and mobile phones, or other specified extensions simultaneously so you never miss a call. Similar to this is Ring Groups which sends incoming calls to a group of extensions that all ring, allowing anyone within the group to answer the call. From a business stand point, we find both of these highly valuable.

The last feature we absolutely love is Hot desking. For companies with limited space and shared desks for employees, this is a must. It allows any employee to work from any available desk with their own number and system set up. We feel a need to also mention the integrations offered by VoIPsolutions. These include: Salesforce, Cisco 79xx, Avaya One-X, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Read your voice mails with an automated or human-assisted transcription service.

The ability to switch between two simultaneous incoming calls.

Send, receive and track text messages to all of your co-workers or client contacts.

Unite your whole company with a virtual PBX that is hosted entirely in the cloud.

Transfer multiple numbers you own to your new phone carrier.

Allows your voice mail box to receive incoming faxes.

Incoming calls after business hours connect directly to your voicemail.

Call anyone in your network just by dialing their extension number, even if they work in different a location.

Select your own individual outbound caller ID.

Find Me/Follow Me allows users to define how incoming calls are routed or forwarded to individuals or groups of inbound callers.

Host audio conferences using a desktop or laptop, with multiple and mobile clients.

Record all inbound and outbound calls for your business, or one or more employees.

Visual Voicemail allows you to view, play and read your voicemail and fax messages right from your inbox. 

Whether you’re doing business or just chatting with friends, three-way conference calling has never been easier.

A private extension with a personal password-protected voicemail account. 

Forward incoming calls to any number you choose.

Your voicemail messages get automatically forwarded to your email as an audio file. 

Professional high-quality music for callers to listen to as they wait on hold or in a queue.

Nationwide coverage with all IP phones and adapters wherever available.

Transfer your current phone number or numbers to your new phone service.

Transfer a call to another phone number or extension during a call.

View all incoming, outgoing and missed calls on your account.

A button on your website lets customers quickly connect to you or a department with one click.

Prompts the caller to enter the user's name they are trying to reach, and the call gets transferred.

Create and manage group or individual phone extensions.

Allows an incoming call to be routed to any extension or telephone number in a group of extensions or telephone numbers.

Allows you to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from a different telephone set.

A complete list of all your contacts, including phone numbers, emails and addresses.

Check your messages from any phone any time you want,

Order additional phone numbers from anywhere in the US & Canada that people can call for free.

When all phone lines are in use for the company or department group, you can place the caller in queue until the next available staff member is free to pick up the call.

Allows users to log into another phone within a shared work space.

Allows employees to work at home or at a local telework center using communication tools to perform work duties from a remote location.

 With Hosted PBX you get to enjoy unlimited voicemail and call recording storage.

Drop in on live calls and be able to speak with both the incoming caller and agent.

VoIP Studio Value (8.2 / 10)

Is VOIPstudio a good value?

As a VoIP phone provider, we like a good deal of what's offered by VoIPstudio. One of our favorite aspects of their service is the ability you have to pay as you go. If you sign up with this plan, you just pay for the calls you make. Calls to within the VoIPstudio network are free, and calls outside of the network within the US are $1.03 a minute.

The simplicity of their plans is also attractive. Besides the pay as you go plan, there is the national plan and the international plan. Depending on your business, select the plan that best suits your needs. They also go one step further and have additional resources to help with specific industries. These include business services, retail industry, travel and tourism, media industry, and financial services.

VoIPstudio's features increase the value of their product even more because they are extensive, diverse, and useful. If you want to try their service before making a long term decision, you can sign up for a trial account and have full access their services for 30. If you don't like the service, just stop using it. The trial will end automatically without incurring any fees. Their plans don't come with contracts either, so even if you do sign up for their service and don't like it, simply cancel at the end of the month.

VoIP Studio Customer Support (7.0 / 10)

The majority of customer support comes from three separate collections of manuals: user manual, receptionist manual, and administrator manual. When you follow these links you'll find all the information you need for each specific area of use. The user manual contains information about setting up your phone with the adapter, setting up contacts and softphone capabilities, and learning how to use SMS and faxing.

Within the receptionist manual you'll learn how to set up incoming call routing, a receptionist console dashboard, and a complete list of business contacts. There are also directions on using an SMS gateway. The administrator manual gives you access to a setting menu which allows you to manage all aspects of VoIPstudio PBX configuration, like conferences, ring groups, music on hold, and queues. From here you can also control billing, integrations, and hardware configuration.

If you want additional support beyond what's found inside the manuals, you can go to the contact us page to reach some personal help. Here you have the choice of sending a message, or placing a call. Numbers are available for different locations all around. There aren't different numbers for tech support, customer support, or billing support, so we assume all these concerns can be addressed at each location.

VoIP Studio Plans

A Summary of VoIP Studio Plans

Below is a summary of the service plans offered by VoIP Studio.

Pay As You Go

For just $4.99 a month, the Pay As You Go Plan provides unlimited inbound calling plus free number porting and a free geographical number. You also get access to a large variety of phone features such as auto attendant, CRM integration, call queues and call recording. Whenever you need help, 24/7 technical support is on hand.

A handful of additional features are also included with this plan. These include call barging, speech to text, and remote office capabilities. To help route incoming calls in an efficient manner, you also have access to ring groups, extension dialing, call parking, and music on hold.

VoIP Studio appreciates your business and cares about your experience with their VoIP service. If you're not happy, feel free to cancel within 30 days and send back your VoIP Studio adapter. They will refund 100% of your service fees, no questions asked.

Plan Highlights

  • Free inbound calls
  • Call recording
  • Virtual numbers in 50 countries
  • CRM integration

Pricing Options

Pay As You Go
Starting from


per user (paid monthly)
  • *Per User
  • 40+ Additional Features
  • Free Number Porting
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For just $19.99 a month, the National Plan provides everything from the Pay As You Go Plan, plus much more. You get 2,000 minutes of free outgoing calls for each user to the country of your choice. You also get one inclusive geographical number for each user. It's no wonder this plan is the a customer favorite.

When it comes to selecting a number, you get to choose from more than 30 different countries and 10,000 cities. A handful of additional features are also included with this plan. These include speech to text, call barging, and remote office capabilities. To help route incoming calls in an efficient manner, you also have access to call parking, ring groups, extension dialing, and music on hold.

VoIP Studio always appreciates your business and cares about your personal experience with their VoIP service. If you're not completely satisfied, feel free to cancel within 30 days and send back your VoIP Studio adapter. At that time 100% of your service fees will be refunded, no questions asked.

Plan Highlights

  • Free inbound calls
  • Inclusive geographical number
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Auto attendant
  • Free porting numbers

Pricing Options

Starting from


per user (paid monthly)
  • *Per User
  • Advanced PBX Features
  • FREE Number
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The International Plan gives you everything you get from the National Plan, plus more freedom with international calls. You get 2000 minutes for each user of free outbound calls to landline and mobile phones in 50+ listed countries. Now you can make unlimited calls to clients and co-workers all over the world at no extra cost.

If you are interested in international calling, VoIPstudio provides virtual telephone numbers in more than 4000 cities all over the globe. Your Virtual Reception will take incoming calls and seamlessly transfer the caller to their chosen department or extension number. Just one less thing you have to worry about.

If you're not sure if this is the right system for you, go ahead and take advantage of a 30-day FREE trial of VoIPstudio. No commitment necessary. VoIPstudio's simple web-based portal provides you with total complete over all your telephony requirements. Soon you'll be ready to take your business anywhere you want it to go.

Plan Highlights

  • Free outbound calls to 50+ countries
  • CRM integration
  • Call queues
  • Free number porting

Pricing Options

Starting from


per user (paid monthly)
  • *Per User
  • 2,000 Minutes
  • All Features Included
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VoIP Studio Awards

Some VoIP Studio Awards

Here a few select awards earned by VoIP Studio.