Residential VOIP Reviews

2019 Residential VOIP Reviews

Wondering which residential VOIP service provider is the best? We have the answer. We've reviewed all of the top home/residential VOIP services and listed the results here. Our ratings consider features, value, customer service and more. Let us help you find the best home phone VOIP service available.

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Vonage Residential

2019 VOIP Service Review

Nik Kourpouanidis


overall rating

Editor: Nik Kourpouanidis

Vonage Residential
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Dedicated Fax Line*
  • Online Account

How does Vonage Residential service compare to the other providers? We've awarded Vonage the top slot in our Residential VoIP phone service reviews.

Here are a few things we like about Vonage Phone Service. First, you can transfer your current phone number to Vonage (option available in most situations). And, as long as you remain a Vonage customer, you can keep your phone number for life, even if you move to a different location or area code. Win win!

Second, Vonage offers activation savings (e.g. no activation fee) if you who choose one of the promotion contract plans (usually 1 year agreement).

And third, all Vonage phone plans come with 25+ free features. If you're switching over from a traditional landline phone service, you'll really appreciate the benefits of a modern VoIP calling service. Some of the features you'll appreciate include Vonage Voicemail Plus (get audio files of messages sent via email), Simulring (forward calls to 5 additional phones), In-Network Calling (unlimted calls to other Vonage customers, anywhere), 3-Way Calling, and Vonage Extensions (call from your smartphone).

Bottom line: Vonage Residential phone service is our top pick for a reliable, feature packed landline phone replacement.

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Customer Support
  • Plans from:
  • $9.99/mo.

Last update: November 9, 2018
PhonePower logo


2019 VOIP Service Review

Justin Bowen


overall rating

Editor: Justin Bowen

  • Unlimited Calling
  • Free Activation
  • Faxing Capability
  • International Calling

PhonePower Residential VoIP Phone Service has been around since 2005. Since their launch, they've continued to grow and develop a great alternative to landline phone service. They've received Inc. 500, Deloitte, and several other Editor's Choice awards.

We've looked closely at PhonePower's service and features to give you detailed analysis of their offerings.

One of the best things PhonePower has going for it is its overall value. For residential VoIP providers, we determine value by looking at price vs. quality and features. Check out the features block to see why PhonePower scored high on value.

Unlimited Calling

PhonePower's home phone plans all come with unlimited calling. The 'unlimited calling' countries depend on the plan you select (USA/Canada, Unlimited World, World Plus, etc.

Summary: PhonePower Home Phone Service is great solution for switching from traditional landline service. Highly recommended.

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Customer Support
  • Plans from:
  • $8.33/mo.

Last update: March 6, 2018
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1-VoIP Residential

2019 VOIP Service Review

Miriam Gerritsen


overall rating

Editor: Miriam Gerritsen

1-VoIP Residential
  • No Term Commitment
  • Premium Features
  • Free Hardware
  • Virtual Numbers

1-VoIP residential VoIP phone service is one of the top providers we've reviewed. They provide a feature-packed, quality, reliable service at a very reasonable price (starting at $8.97/mo). 1-VoIP has earned a slot in our top 3 residential VoIP service providers list.

We'd like to point out a few things that make 1-VoIP stand out in our list of residential providers. First, 1-VoIP just gets it when it comes to calling features. 30+ features are included in all their plans, including Anonymous Call Rejection, Music on Hold, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, Wake Up Call, Voicemail to Email, and wait for it...Virtual Fax (an upgrade feature with some providers).

Second, 1-VoIP service is solid. Most customers report great call quality and would recommend the service. Which leads to our third point...

1-VoIP customer support get tons of great marks across all of the leading customer advocate and reviews services. And, it turns out that this is no accident. As we've mentioned elsewhere, one of 1-VoIP's core values is excellent customer service and technical support. They seem to be getting customer service right.

Take some time to read our evaluations of 1-VoIP's reliability, features, value, and customer support to see if their service will meet your needs.

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Customer Support
  • Plans from:
  • $8.97/mo.

Last update: May 4, 2018

What is Home Phone VoIP and Why Should You Switch?

If you're new to VoIP phone service, don't worry, it's pretty easy to get a handle on what all the buzz is about. Essentially, VoIP replaces your traditional landline phone service by using your high speed Internet connection to route calls over the Internet. Using your already existing Internet service for phone calls translates into huge cost savings compared to landline service. AND, not only do you save money, you actually get more value and features for your hard earned bucks!

Because VoIP leverages the power of the Internet, new developments in digital calling technology, and new mobile phone and app innovations, you get tons of new features that your old phone service just can't provide. And did we mention savings? Yeah, we did...and they're significant. You can save up to 80% on your phone bill depending on who your current phone provider is and which VoIP service you choose.

Bottom line: traditional landline phone service providers are offering 20th century technology and service. VoIP brings you in to the 21st century. Save, and get tons of new features with VoIP!

Why VoIP?

VoIP Connection Diagram

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP uses your high speed Internet connection to transfer digitized voice data over the Internet. You're computer doesn't need to be turned on. Here's what you need:

  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • A VoIP phone adapter (typically provided at no charge when you sign up).
  • A cordless or corded touch-tone phone.
Choose Your Provider

Compare Landline Home Phone Service to VoIP

VoIP is the best solution to home phone service these days. The following table is a great side-by-side comparison of landline and VoIP technologies.

Compare Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
Home Phone Service
Traditional Landline
Home Phone Service
Home Phone Service Cost $6 per month (bare bones plan) to
$26 per month (fully featured plan)
$30 per month (bare bones plan) to
$60 per month (fully featured plan)
Contract Required? Optional. Price decrease or free/discounted hardware with long term contract. More likely. Price decrease with long term contract
Calling Features Configurable and always expanding. Integrated across all your devices. Limited features with no mobility.
State-of-the-Art Technology On the leading edge of calling services. Old technology. Being phased out (e.g. 20 states where AT&T is the primary landline carrier have voted to end landline service in the near future).
Calling Security Determined by your Internet connection (typically secure) Very secure
Reliability Reliable. On rare occasions lags or has jitter (only with poor Internet connections) Reliable. Rarely drops.
Required Connection High Speed Internet Connection Access to phone jack
TTY Compatible TTY compatible Hearing aid compatible; TTY compatible
Domestic Calling Included in most plans Added cost per minute
International Calling Very Inexpensive. From $0.01 cents per min. Expensive per minute charges
Equipment / Hardware Can use existing landline phone with adapter Phones are inexpensive
Dependency on Power Grid Relies on power (e.g. your connection to the Internet) Independent of power grid
Fax Options Paperless (electronic) faxes, high quality Paper faxes, low quality
911 Emergency Access Included: E911 Included
411 Directory Assistance Usually Included $0.99-$1.80 per call
Voicemail Options Online and remote. Voicemail-to-Email. Machine and remote
Alarm Systems Usually compatible with alarms Compatible with alarms
Available Providers Dozens of Quality VoIP providers Three major carriers
Signal Type Digital (HD) Analog, TDM
Video Available depending on provider/plan (esp. business) Not Available
Setup Requirements Plug into router or adapter Plug into wall
How to Configure / Modify Service Easy, Self: Desktop & Mobile Apps Call or message to service provider
Audio Quality Great. Reliant on Internet connection. Great. Not reliant on Internet.
Future of Technology More and more innovations each year. Old and outdated. Being phased out.
Summary Great savings (up to 80%). Tons of configurable features . The newest technology! Provider Comparison Old technology. More expensive. Being phased out.

Cost Savings Examples: VoIP vs Traditional Landline

Arguably the most attractive feature of VoIP home phone service is the cost savings. And VoIP providers are competing to give you phone service for as cheap as possible. Here are some example savings you can expect by switching from a landline phone service to VoIP.

Domestic Calling Plan Comparison

Company / Plan Plan Fee Taxes & Fees Monthly Total
VoIP Nationwide Plan $17.97/mo. $9.20/mo. $27.17/mo.
AT&T All Distance Package $62.00/mo. $14.50/mo. $76.50/mo.
Yearly Savings: $591.96

*Note that this comparison is based on comparable VoIP and landline phone service plans, both including unlimited local & nationwide long distance calling. Taxes & Fees are estimates.

VoIP Savings

International Calling with VoIP

International Calling Plan Comparison

Many VoIP providers offer plans that include International calling to 60+ countries worldwide. For example, here's a look at how much money you can save on a 30 minute call to Italy using VoIP vs a traditional landline home phone.

Company / Plan Rate Plane Fees 30 min Call
VoIP International Plan $0.00/min. $0.00 $0.00
AT&T Worldwide Occasional Calling $1.93/min. $1.29 $57.90
AT&T Worldwide Value Calling $0.09/min. $5.99 $2.70

*Note the above comparison doesn't include the calling plan costs, it just includes the cost for the International call. This example shows the additional savings you get when calling internationally. Add to these savings the huge savings associated with the calling plans and you can see why VoIP service is such a great solution.

How to choose a VoIP Home Phone Service Provider

We hope you see the benefits of upgrading your phone service to VoIP. Cost savings, innovative features, and mobility make VoIP home phone service the sure bet. Before you select a provider, we recommend that you take the following steps:

  • High Speed Internet - Make sure you have fast enough Internet service (any high-speed Cable or Fiber connection will work, DSL will work but isn't the best option).
  • Research - Read the reviews and our recommendations (back to comparison table).
  • New phone number? - Decide if you'd like to keep your current number or get a new one. Most Home Phone VoIP providers offer you the option to keep your existing home phone number.
  • Which phone(s) will you use? - Decide what phone(s) you're going to use. All Residential VoIP service providers will work with your existing home phone and the VoIP provided adapter. We recommend a wireless phone with multiple handsets placed throughout the house.
  • Jump in! - Select a provider, sign up, and start saving.
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