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Cool site. Thanks for all the information. Definitely helped me in my choice of a provider.

JoeyAthens, GA

Thanks for your help with choosing my VOIP. You guys deserve an award ;)

Barbra T.Hillsboro, OR

I really appreciated the responses to my lengthy email questions. Choosing VOIP isn't the easiest thing in the world. Thanks for your help.

C. StevensNew Mexico

I found your site via a Google search. This is exactly the type of information I needed to figure out a VOIP solution. A great review site!

Millie S.Florida

It's nice to see a real review site. You guys have done your homework. Highly recommend!

Brock OlsenElk Grove, CA

B+. Your company does a pretty good job of reviewing the providers. Only thing I would recommend is including more providers.

Marianne B.McKinney, TX

Used your site and was pleased with the VOIP plan I got (Vonage). Thanks for the tips. 4 stars!

Peter VBFontana, California

I'm a small business owner in Modesto, California. VOIP is the way to go. So cool we can do all this now days!

Brea V.Modesto, CA

Great resource! Most of the review sites just have big tables listing all the providers without much substance. You guys are doing it right!

Francis EKansas City, Missouri

Thanks for inviting me to review your site. First thing I'd say is that you guys have a great format. The information is readily available and you list the most important information first. Second, I love that you include Costumer Confidence in your ratings. This was a big deal for me. If I had one recommendation it would be to help me as a consumer understand which VOIP features I should really care about. There so many features listed, it's hard to tell what matters most. Anyway, thanks for the service you provide.

Stephanie W.San Jose, CA